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Goosehound is an instrumental rock quartet from Lincoln, NE. Their music combines catchy rock n roll riffs with off-kilter time signatures and experimental meanderings. Buckle up,and hold on to your butts. Goosehound take the energy of arena rock and spins everything you thought you knew completely asunder, like a Gravitron ride on mushrooms.

Goosehound has parallels with a wide spectrum of rock n roll giants. Everything from Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Genesis, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Weezer, Fantomas, even blast beats that one would expect from a Napalm Death record. Yet despite these familiar moments, Goosehound are still unlike anything one has heard before. With crisp guitar hooks and sinewy bass lines, Goosehound challenges the listener to explore great unknowns, without the pretentiousness that clouds so many progressive and math rock bands.

Goosehound released their Goldtooth demo in 2019, a three-song affair, that followed 2018's The Goose Tapes. Despite the short run time of these records, Goosehound show they have no shortage of creativity, as this spacey group spans, bridges and deconstructs multiple genres of rock and heavy metal. This is one golden goose you don't want to miss.

Goosehound is Zack, Trevor, Isaac, and Ethan.